Verdi and Culture at the Thomaston Upson Archives

The Thomaston Upson Archives is constantly in the midst of incredible educational resources and events.  One cannot exit the doors without being enlightened about various topics of a multitude of subjects.  One event which, overflows with culture and intellect, is the Music Club organized by Vicar Dwain Penn and is held periodically in the Thomaston Upson Archive’s Conference room.  The most recent Music Club meeting was held on October 24, 2013 as the group analyzed the eloquent work of Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi, the Italian Romantic composer, primarily known for his operas. Verdi in the Nineteenth Century, along with Richard Wagner, was the foremost opera composers.  During the meeting, the group listened to and analyzed the work of one of the most talented composers of any generation.  In addition, all who attended were eligible for the drawing for a multiple disk set of the work of Verdi.  The winner was the very astute and knowledgeable Hugh Salter.  We hope anyone interested in the high culture of society; will join Vicar Penn in his next Music Group meeting which we will post so stay tuned.



Photographed above is the winner of the fabulous multi-compilation works of Verdi


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