Arnold Methodist Church: All but Forgotten

Some subjects seem to stay safely in the crevices of time and we can never fully know the intricacies of their wonder.  If a glimpse presents itself in our presence, we must consider ourselves fortunate as the rare instance is not reserved for all.  Therefore, although a plethora of information does not unmask itself; we must cling to all we do find as it is priceless and perhaps all we may ever obtain.   One such subject in Upson County is the Arnold Methodist Church in Yatesville.  The Early History of Upson County, Georgia states that the earliest deed to this Church was signed, on August 2, 1828; by the Trustees of the Church who were Shepherd B. Sanders, Robert Jackson, Thomas J. Sanford, James Smith, E. Robertson and David Askin.  The 100-yard square tract was sold for $5.00.  Although, we find this record for 1828, no other records were found until 1846.  Part of the records include a list of Pastors and early members of the Church.  However, it would seem that the records for this church, although some were found, would remain elusive.  Unfortunately, the church burned in 1920 and this would signal the end of this historic gathering place.  Like the records of old from this house of God, there are no mentions of the destruction of this building in the local papers of the time.  Various families of Yatesville congregated in the dwelling of prayer in the mild climates of equinox as well in the sultry summer and short frigid days of winter.  Some of the members then, who joined to make the Church known, are still the ones found there today to mark the cemetery and remind future generations of the ground once reserved for delight in the Lord.  If one were to walk the small cemetery they will find those resting who once were found sitting in the pews of the Church.  Such names as, Young A. Allen and his wife Elizabeth Chancelor, the Wilson family, the Fowler Family or the Jackson Family and Holloways can be found in the cemetery today.  Of course, other names which made the roll were the Mormand, Castlen, Peacock, Hightower, Crawford and Carlisle families just to name a few.  Interestingly enough, although the Church burned in 1920, the legacy of the Church remained in the hearts of its former members, as Maude Fowler Jackson was the last to be buried there in September of 1962.  Driving through Yatesville on Pleasant Grove Road, one, otherwise not enlightened, may never guess that a Church so prominent ever once took the place of young oaks and pines.  However, it is the small records we cling to that remind us of the glory of a church that saw the pinnacles of the booming town of Yatesville which today seems so far from it all.


Arnold Cemetery

Arnold Cem. 010

Arnold Meth. Church Cemeteries03


The above photographs are of the Arnold Methodist Church Cemetery and were provided by Grady Kelley


Arnold Metho. Church


First Deed for Arnold Methodist Church found at the Thomaston Upson Archives in Deed book A pg. 470


4 thoughts on “Arnold Methodist Church: All but Forgotten

  1. Grady Kelley is wonderful in keeping local history alive!! Hopefully family members will benefit due to Grady’s work and not letting us forget those who lived before us!!

  2. Thanks for the information. You know my husband has relatives buried here, and his 3x great-grandmother’s farm was across the road.

  3. Several of my relatives, including my great-grandparents, Young Asbury Allen and his wife Elizabeth Chancellor Allen, two of their sons and four Chancellor grandbabies are buried there as well as one great-aunt. We have been there to clean up and repair tombstones but would love to join others to restore this historical cemetery.

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