Downtown Christmas

At the epicenter of Upson County’s beauty is the gorgeous Courthouse in the center of downtown Thomaston. The Courthouse is beautiful year around and never is there a day its majesty is veiled.  However, at Christmas time the Upson County Courthouse is a little brighter, a little more magnificent.  Adorned with decorations, the citizens of this wonderful community pass by the illuminated beacon of justice with the garland wrapped towered timepiece.  For decades now, Upson County has decorated their most honored building and of course, the tradition continues.  We can go back at least to 1952, perhaps farther, when decorations began to stream from one lofty point to another around the square to brighten the spirits of the Business Section as well as the County Courthouse.  In August of 1952, $3,000 was set aside in the City of Thomaston’s budget for Christmas lights for the downtown Business section.  On December 1, 1952, the courthouse had well over 5,000 lights for all to enjoy as they walked the sidewalks of Thomaston as the early moon met them each night.  However, this was not all that was in store for the citizens; as a Merry Christmas sign stretched across the Courthouse lawn on Gordon Street, a life-sized reindeer pulled sleigh and Santa were suspended in the air from the Courthouse as well as a nativity scene was located on the southwest corner lawn.   By 1956, there were 2 miles of lights, which ran in a luminescent stream all around the square.  As time has passed, the decorations have changed, however; this does not detract from the beauty of one of the most impressive Courthouses in all the land, as each Christmas decoration is impressive in its own way.

Thomaston-UpsonCountyCourthouse-the1960_s1 (3)

Courthouse circa 1952

Christmas C (1)

Santa flying from the Courthouse rooftop 1952. Photograph provided by Jacque Nix

Christmas C (2)

Nativity Scene 1952 on Courthouse lawn. Photograph provided by Jacque Nix

Christmas C

1961 photograph of Santa and sleigh from the Courthouse Annex to the Courthouse


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