Boy Scout’s Tour

The Thomaston Upson Archives is always involved in some activity; whether it is interesting research, eye pleasing exhibits, exciting guests or even tours and presentations.  Recently we had a visit from a local Boy Scout troop and Director Penny Cliff amazed and astonished them with activities regarding artifacts found from the Battle of Kennesaw, while providing them with entertaining and mind stimulating activities.  After which, the Scouts then enjoyed a tour of Historic Downtown Thomaston, where they were able to measure one of the first Cannonballs fired at Fort Sumter while hearing Mrs. Cliff’s expansive knowledge about the town and the historic piece of history.  Search far and wide, and one will not find a tour guide as knowledgeable and entertaining as Penny Cliff; as she will amaze the group with phenomenal information and provides them with the enjoyment not found anywhere else on the Globe.  This is only one of many tours Director Penny Cliff has given and be on the lookout for many more.  





WANTED: Do You Know These Men?

We are looking for the identity of these men for our ongoing project regarding the veterans of past wars.  These Gentlemen were World War I Veterans and as you may be able to tell, they were members of the American Legion Post 81 in 1946 when the photographs were taken.  If anyone has information regarding the names of these men please inform the Thomaston-Upson Archives.   Thank you so very much!


Against the odds: Yatesville High Champions

This County has always been full of talent, just as we have seen with the State Championships of the R.E. Lee football team in 1988, Drake Basketball team in 1962 and the Yatesville Girls Championship in 1944.  Twenty years later another group from Yatesville would etch their names in the book of immortals as the Yatesville High boys’ basketball team won the Class C Championship in the 1964-1965 season.   As we all prepare for March Madness, let us remember those in the past who ran the gauntlet to come out champions on the other side. This phenomenal team can be found in the page below from the incredible resource, Yatesville: A Caring Community 1896-1996.