A Researcher’s Goldmine: Upson County Minute Book Index, 1825-1854

Mary N.

The Thomaston-Upson Archives has received another invaluable research tool from professional genealogist and Upson Historical Society Newsletter columnist, Mary Nowell. For this year-long project, Mary has read through the Upson County Minute Book, 1825-1854 and indexed an enormous amount of historic and genealogic information. Mary has compiled several indexes including the following: the names of jurors, road commissioners, deeds, promissory notes, and criminal cases. A second index is a compilation of Upson County Poor School records of children and teachers. In a third index Mary has titled “Points of Interest” which includes 13 bridges, 41 mills, 10 plantations, 24 roads, 5 stores and 6 gin houses. The fourth index includes Census Takers, Deaths Implied, Declaration of Citizenships, Merchants, Name Changes, Paupers, Peddlers, Salves and Free Persons of Color.   Mary also has an enormous amount of family names indexed. This invaluable resource compliments her former project of indexing deed records and plats. Mary’s many hours of diligent work deciphering nineteenth century handwriting will benefit researchers and genealogist for decades to come. Mary’s hard work on both of these projects is paying off. Already, patrons are finding missing links. It is because of volunteers like Mary, that the Archives is able to offer such treasures. Please ask us to see her work and we will be happy to pull the material for you.

Mary writes a popular monthly column for The Newsletter entitled “Genealogy Favorites.”


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