Calling All History Buffs

We have a patron who is looking to purchase a few of the books titled “Flint River: A Recreational Guide To The Flint River and Environs”.  If anyone can help in this regard, please contact the Thomaston Upson Archives at 706-646-2437.

The Thomaston Upson Archives has a patron who is in search of a woodturner to turn cherry wood.   If anyone has information regarding such a capable soul, please contact Mr. Phil Harris at 706-646-3092.


“The Hole in the Wall” was a very popular restaurant in downtown Thomaston once upon a time.  It was a very small slither of a room which ran in between two other downtown businesses.  Although small, the taste was enormous which came from the tiny room.  However, time has passed and there does not seem to be a photograph of this classic establishment in which we can find.  Therefore, if anyone has a photograph of “The Hole in the Wall” we have someone who would love to have a copy.  Thank you so much.

The Thomaston Garden Club is preparing to celebrate their 85th anniversary.  As a result they are compiling information regarding their history and would like the public’s help.  If anyone has and Thomaston Garden Club Yearbooks, Scrapbooks or records from 1929 to present, the Garden Club would love to see them.  If you can help please call the Archives at 706-646-2437.


We have recently been visited by a patron looking for a cookbook titled “Taste of Thomaston” .  If anyone knows where this cookbook can be purchased, please call the Thomaston Upson Archives at 706-646-2437.


This glass bottle is the “Thomaston Bottling Works”  not the Thomaston Bottling Company.  Can anyone tell us where the Thomaston Bottling Works was located?  Or was it the same place as the Thomaston Bottling Company with a name change?  Thank you!  (706 646 2437)


These are very unique nutcrackers believed to be only one of a few of their kind in existence.  If anyone knows anything about them the owner would love to learn from you.  If you have any information please call us at 706-646-2437

Pecan 003

Pecan 006

Pecan 005

Pecan 004


9 thoughts on “Calling All History Buffs

    • Matt this is a good question. Essentially the name Silvertown, which was placed on that wonderful Mill Village in Upson County in 1931 by an act of the Georgia Legislature, was derived from a town in England with the same name. As it turns out, S. W. Silver and Company had a rubber works factory, which began by making waterproof clothing, and was located near London in the mid-19th century. Inevitably, the town that was built to surround this industrialized area was called Silvertown. In 1904, this company created a rubberized tire, which had cotton cords interwoven internally. Due to this tire, the Silvertown Cord, being found to be a much better product than what was previously on the market, its popularity soared across the Atlantic and onto consumers of the United States. As a result, the rights to the Silvertown Cord were bought by an Akron, Ohio company which would be bought by B.F. Goodrich in 1912. Thirteen years later, during the summer of 1925’s world famous tour of the south by B.F. Goodrich executives, Thomaston was chosen as the site for a B.F. Goodrich plant and an agreement was set between the tire Corporation and the Hightower Family to build what would be known as Martha Mills. In 1929, B.F. Goodrich bought Martha Mills and in 1931, the former Peach Orchard north of Thomaston was eponymously named Silvertown, Georgia. Of course, in 1957, the municipality of Silvertown would be dissolved and become part of the City of Thomaston. However, the pride of Silvertown still exists and the name, of this wonderful former mill village, survives today.

  1. I was wondering if you could shed some light on the historybof the creeks like their land,their history with thomaston and were are they located today.

    • Katherine,
      Thank you so much for your question regarding the Creeks and their inhabitation of this area. I was afraid my knowledge on the subject might fall short of adequacy. Therefore, I went to some old newspaper articles for some help on the subject. I was going to post the articles in this section but the format would not allow it, so I went ahead and created a new post and displayed the articles there. The brief overviews of the articles offer some insight, but if there is anything they do not answer please let me know and I will be glad to search for the answer. We cannot thank you enough for your interest and please let us know if there is anything, we can do. I hope you have a great day.

  2. Hi, I am not originally from thomaston, but moved here recently from griffin. I am a huge history buff and love sharing with others. I was curious if there is any information on where any of the town dumps would have been during the 1800s or early 20th century? I find many pieces of history while metal detecting and other various hobbies, but always with permission. I would love to find some of the ealy relics of town and give them to the historical society for their museum.

  3. jim wilson says
    april 22,2015
    hi , I would like to know if anyone has
    any pictures of west village school and community center school I went to both those schools. from 1951-1955 at west village and 1955- 1959 at community center. please let me know

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